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The Saxons fight the Carolingians in open battle. by RobbieMcSweeney on DeviantArt

The Saxons fight the Carolingians in open battle by Robbie McSweeney on ArtStation



Anglo Saxon: Housecarl In the early-11th century, following his conquest of the English kingdom in 1016, King Cnut appears to have introduced a new form of ‘professional’ warrior closely tied to the royal house. The housecarls (huscarle) were the elite forces close to the king and royal family, ready to fight and die for them.

Weapons and Warfare throughout history and the analysis of doctrine, strategy and tactics.

Bitwa pod Poitiers 732 r. Frankowie atakują muzułmański obóz. W starciu tym zginął arabski wódz Abd ar-Rahman Ghafiki. Rys. Graham Turner

"Poitiers AD The death of Abd Al-Rahman Al-Ghafiqi", Graham Turner

"Saxon warriors, southern England, 6th century AD", Angus McBride

Saxon warriors, southern England, century A. ~ art by Angus McBride

anglo saxon warriors

Paul Mortimer as King Raedwald, ( Anglo-Saxon kingdom) was a king of East Anglia

Vikings fight Saxons at the battle of Stamford Bridge (september 25, 1066)

Mary Ann Bernal: History Trivia - Harold II (Harold Godwinson) of England defeats Harald Hardrada of Norway, at Stamford Bridge near York,

Frankish Warrior - 500s AD by Angus McBride. From the Germanic Warrior book in the Man-at-Arms series


Frankish Warrior, c. / Angus McBride, Germanic Warrior, Man-at-Arms series