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What a beautiful bully ~

What a beautiful bully ~who are you friends with anyways? None really seem to ring a REAL bell to me Expedia Ly since they know your a whore and did that to me


This is totally Arlo and Bubs.although it's usually the other way around with Bubs being the pooter lol

❤ "Come closer, I'll give 'ya kisses!" ❤

" ❤what a beautiful bulldog!

❤ What ever it takes to make the baby happy ❤ Posted on Baggy Bulldogs

❤ What ever it takes to make the baby happy "I woke Mom up @ because I wanted my back scratched. Mom is Grumpy today" ❤ Posted on Baggy Bulldogs

❤  Did someone say "breakfast!"  ❤  Posted on Chicago English Bulldog Rescue, Inc.

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I miss our Meg. We rescued Meg when she was just over 6 months old, so never got to enjoy her as a baby.

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