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Hehe I can just imagine V taking this photo and being like "우리 애기 꾹아~ hehe baby Kookie smileee "

Is Kim Taehyung even real anymore<<<< he never was fam

˚one shots BTS˚ Pequeñas situaciones con los integrantes de BTS ( … #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

BTS˚ One Shots ˚

In which Jeon Jeongguk, a ruthless mafia leader, starts to go soft after meeting a cute innocent college student named.

http://miduspa.com/dich-vu/dieu-tri-mun/  http://miduspa.com/dich-vu/triet-long-vinh-vien/ http://miduspa.com/laser-toning-dieu-tri-nam-tan-nhang-tre-hoa-da-hieu-qua/  http://miduspa.com/dich-vu/cham-soc-da-mat/

omg on sept 11 pm est, "jungkooks smile" has been trending

Kookie #BTS                                                       …

JK in a white leather jacket with eyeliner on = the hottest thing on earth

ah the boyfriend look

Imagines, memes, reações BTS! - 2

Jungkook ( 정국 ) | Quando ele ficou tão homem assim? ❤

Ignore everything I've ever said About kookie, damn son// When he was younger I was like awww how cute, and now I'm having trouble breathing