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The High Space Marines, always trying to stop the empire from filling the graveyards.

Sometimes, the dragon falls in love with the princess.

"Sometimes the dragon falls in love with the princess," he said softly. "Yes, but I think in this metaphor you are the princess, Trance," she replied teasingly.

Not now. Not ever

You might have everyone else bowing down before you, prostrating themselves before your mighty powers.


Romance and Erotica Writing Prompts - Erotica Prompt #7

1/2; his hands are shaking but he cleches them shut, steadies himself, meets her gaze. Familiar eyes, stricken with pain until they clear. They are not so familiar now, dead to her in a way she's never seen. It is almost as if he is looking through her rather than directly at her, and it hurts. "2/2" and with that he opens his hands. A torrent of energy spills out and all goes gray.

" The man who was barely more than a boy swallowed, his molten eyes begging." --Coryn<---O.

That's exactly what Olivia is doing. While the people fight and go to war - just to beat Eron - Olivia stands up and ... well. Makes herself the Queen she was born

from "The Queen of Attolia" by Megan Whalen Turner. About my favorite character from my favorite book of all time.

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

"It will suck you up and swallow you and crush you and spit you out again before you can even turn your head.

Cuie's dreams told him these horrifying things as he curled with in his bed, tears swept down his cheeks as he he held his body. Was Caspian to win? Was he to take his land? Two kings one battle, demanded their kingdoms and Cuie couldn't very well bow to Caspian so he would he had to fight.

Cuie's dreams told him these horrifying things as he curled with in his bed…

Writing an admission essay is easier said than done. It becomes all the more difficult when you struggle with writing.

Amira (Elisabeth Wheatley)

"And i ended it (the dragon war) but it was bloody" -Terrwyn "Not all heros can be angels" -Laurel

The twelve character archetypes, Emestine Quigley. Made my Callie Stuckey.

The rebel strategy: disrupt shock or destroy. goal:to overturn what is not working

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Once upon a time, an angel and a devil held a wishbone between them. And its snap split the world in two.