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6 Reported Alien Encounters That Were Never Fully Explained, In Honor Of World UFO Day

OMG!! Unnatural Creature Walking Caught On Camera!!

OMG!! Unnatural Creature Walking Caught On Camera!!

Alien abduction | Alien Abductions -   *** For The Sci Fi Lovers Be Sure to check out Nathan Walsh's Dark Science Fiction Novel, "Pursuit of the Zodiacs." - will be Available soon At: ***

Ascension Earth is Back! ~ Fresh content posted throughout the day! : The 1975 Alien Abduction of Air Force Sergeant Cha.


Where reptile aliens made of lava will cut you up and pull out all of your pain.

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[VIDEO] Does Alien life really exist? Mysterious knocking sounds heard in space, Chinese astronauts say : Science/Health : Headlines & Global News



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Bonkers GIFs Of Renaissance Art Remind Us Of Monty Python's Animations

Cloning Center PsyOp

Fraal Oortlings abduct their most recent specimen, for genetic experimentation at recreating a Primordial Fraal