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sehunnie and su ❤️

EXO's Sehun shares photos from his vacation with Suho and Tao

Can you please come and bring me sandwiches too? Don't worry, no one else in my class will know who you are.

Chanyeol and Baekhyun made sandwiches for a classroom. come to my classroom.

EXOTP Fanart <3 I don't ship everything on here, but it's still amazing!

EXOTP Fanart~ My fav ships: TaoHun, ChanBaek, Kaisoo & Krisho. Sadly I don't ship the others since I ship XiuHan & ChenLay

of all place, and Sehun choose to pose like that.. LOL (I'm taller than Hyung!)

EXO This is making me have so much feelz. I wanna cry

This sweet adorable cinnamon roll is just too shocked XD

Anécdotas del Barrio Chino y Alrededores (exo/fanfic)

when u pass a test you thought u failed ( LOL I remember watching this award show and Lay was like WTF JUST HAPPENED?

Beakhyun all happy to play in the dirt....Then theres the rest of them lol!!!

YASSSS THE SHIRT CAME OFF! This is one of my absolute faves! Suho babysitting the 3 babies Baekhyun, Chen and Chanyeol! He looks so done hahahah! And Baek is just in his element! I am totally Baek lol!

EXO - 160921 Second official photobook ‘Dear Happiness’

EXO ❤️ The three on top look like they're having fun. being bottom looks a little painful.


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Power Exo

MAMA 2017 - Voted for EXO ! - Artistes of the Years , Best performance mal groupe , Song of the Years . - __ Go Voted ➡ __ (Im voted for BTS ! Sorryyy 😊🙏😍😍✔but Im Army 💉♥) __