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Hunter X Hunter (Chrollo Lucifer, Hisoka, Illumi Zoldyck)



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Browse Kurapika HUNTER×HUNTER Hunter X Hunter collected by Youness Touissi and make your own Anime album.

me two months ago: “Alright fine I’ll watch Hunter x Hunter.” me now: “Excuse me sir do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior Yoshihiro Togashi…” Prints available on INPRNT!

jpeg - Adapted: “A clever person, therefore, avoids the areas where bad habits are strongest, but attacks them where they are weak and easy to change.

Gon Freecs : 16 yo ver | Hunter X Hunter | by azizART23 on DeviantArt

Gon Freecs : 16 yo ver Hunter X Hunter by on DeviantArt