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 But he's way out of my league! Josh at least be my friend!!

I'd die even for him to be just ma fren. (I'm not stealing him ty) josh is so outta ma league. I'm just a fangirl

:;:;: brxkenscenes :;:;:

He's hot anytime and I love you jish and don't you forget it. Even when tyler kicks you out its okay. I'll always be here for you<<< we all love Jish don't deny it you can't it's impossible

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Music photographer Adam Elmakias photographs Twenty One Pilots for Rock Sound Magazine.

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"Moooom, Josh took my ukulele!" Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun Twenty One Pilots skeleton clique stay street stay alive

Can we just talk about how you can tell this is a picture of Josh Dun without even having a caption?

XD Baby Josh Dun [ Twenty one pilots Tyler Joseph Josh Dun Skeleton clique Blurryface Stay Alive Stay Street

Pregunta ¿A alguien le gusta "The 1975"?

Razones para amar a Josh Dun - Risa

josh dun twenty one pilots behind the scenes of holding on to you loook at his faace im cryingg