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Eggy wegg

Sketches and experiments by Sam Lyon

Eggy wegg

Sketches and experiments by Sam Lyon

jello shots

Jello Shots!

creamy jello by mixing 2 envelopes of gelatin into a cup of cold water. Once the gelatin had bloomed I stirred in cups of boiling water and one can of condensed milk

Banana Feia

Banana Feia

Cupcake gummies

Birthday Cupcakes Ideas, Vegan Cupcakes, Cupcake Accessories, Cupcake Artwork, Cupcake Tattoos & More!

yummy gummies!

A delicious recipe for White Gummy Bear shot, with cherry vodka, peach schnapps, pineapple juice and Sprite® soda. Also lists similar drink recipes.

Jelly Gummies

Listed here are artists that are brilliant, strange, and who usually have a pop-surrealist, lowbrow.

Tjalf Sparnaay : Hyperrealistic Food Paintings

Tjalf Sparnaay Photorealistic Food Paintings

Dutch painter Tjalf Sparnaay: check out his Hyperrealistic food paintings!

This is an oil painting, the mouth watering work of hyper-realistic Dutch artist Tjalf Sparnaay. Tjalf is considered one of the most important painters working the field of 'mega-realism', which is part of the global art movement of hyper realism. via dailymail.co.uk

The 16 most famous hyperrealist painters of the world


30+ beautiful Hyperrealistic Food Artworks

Hyperrealistic Food Paintings - Tjalf Sparnaay's Masterpieces Feed One's Appetite for Art (GALLERY)