This listing is for a set of 7 small Trolleite tumbled stones. Each set consists of stones of different shapes and sizes (some are flat) and different colours as pictured. Stones will each measure between approx. 15-30mm. A relatively new edition to the field of crystals is Trolleite (aka traillite or blue flame) which was discovered in Brazil in 2018. Trolleite is made of a unique combination of lepidolite, which is a lithium-rich type of mica, plus lazulite and blue tourmaline. The mixture of these minerals’ colours creates the sort of flame or wave of deep blue to sky blue and white that is Trolleite and no two stones are alike. Trolleite is a beautiful stone that has a high yet soothing restful vibration which helps ease stress, aids communication, calms the mind and is also useful to Aries And Gemini, Blue Flame, Crystal Bags, Crystal Pyramid, Crystal Shapes, Blue Tourmaline, Candle Spells, Blue Flames, Worry Stones