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Balthazar was so awesome

I love Charlie cx<<< if someone doesn't is advise exorcising them because all humans do.

That time Dean Winchester coached a lesbian on how to flirt with a man

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Sam, Metatron, Cas and Chuck (God)

"No, we have guns and we will find you." Oh Sammy, you charmer, you.<<<<<It's even funnier because he was actually threatening God

The Real Ghostbusters. I believe Sam. I love this scene :)

this is forever one of my favorite winchester brother interactions.

this is forever one of my favorite winchester brother interactions.

I just made myself sad

Honestly, it would break my heart if this ever happened to me.<<<it broke my heart just watching that scene I don't want to imagine what it's like when it happens to you

Deans tired of your facts Sam

Deans tired of your facts Sam>>> Dean's face in the last picture!

Thank God for improvisation. :D

Supernatural ~ Yet, another fantastic SPN moment that wasn't scripted, Misha wan't paying attention, so Richard intervened

I loved this episode Dean Winchester

Crowley owns the moon

An auction, Supernatural-style

But seriously...

Bobby is awesome XD

Thank you, Sully.

Thank you, Sully.

I don't ship Destiel but I can hear Chuck saying these things and it's hilarious

I love how chuck/god ships destiel and does everything to get them together


Have you all learned nothing! Killing Lilith sets off the apocalypse. Do not kill Lilith repeat, do NOT kill Lilith! <<< I think he meant to kill the relationship.

Summary of the Winchester's relationship with Bela. Click on link for GIF http://mishawinsexster.tumblr.com/post/55633602114/summary-of-the-winchesters-relationship-with

Summary of the Winchester's relationship with Bela.< I actually liked Bela. Also in Turkish bela means trouble :)))

THIS IS AMAZING. Homestuck scenes redone with Fandomstuck- Portal & Adventure Time fandom, Onceler fandom, Supernatural protecting Derse dreamer!Sherlock fandom (my favorite) Harry Potter fandom, FMA fandom, Homestuck and Hetslia fandom, and then their trickster and 2p! modes, Doctor Who fandom, and the Madoka and Naruto fandom. Major applause to whoever made this.

fandoms alredy here: Me=Fem!Who ~TEMPORARY FANDOMS (that means they are still open for request.)~ Hetalia= Madoka Magica= Portal=me Fire Emblem= Kingdom Hearts= Divergent=