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+_+ bike_shorts bomb earrings hat holding holding_weapon hotaru_(splatoon) ink jewelry letterman_jacket looking_at_viewer nintendo paint pointy_ears safari_hat solo splat_bomb splatoon tentacle_hair wong_ying_chee yellow_eyes

#Splatoon #Thor #Loki #Marvel (Art by ?)

(Art by ?

Marie | Splatoon

Marie | Splatoon

marina and pearl are both good and i will protect them with my life

? !!  + _ + 1girl absurdres blue_hair colmillos game_console highres idea long_hair puchiman sudor camisa, sentado en solitario Hielo y Fuego-símbolo shaped_pupils tentacle_hair violet_eyes white_shirt wii_u

+ + absurdres blue hair fangs game console highres inkling long hair puchiman shirt sitting solo splatoon sweat symbol-shaped pupils tentacle hair violet eyes white shirt wii u

SQUIDSONA !!!! splatoon is so much fun

Shows what splatoon still needs right here! Gloves hair socks and more shirts and shoes

Marie & Callie | Splatoon

Marie & Callie | Splatoon

callie and marie

Welcome and I hope you enjoy a slice of Peachie life!

splatoon, callie, marie

:d aori (splatoon) black dress black hair chair detached collar domino mask dress earrings english engrish eyes closed fangs female gloves green dress happy hotaru (splatoon) hug inkling jewelry legs crossed long hair mask multiple girls mutual yuri

aori_(splatoon) bare_shoulders earrings fangs gloves hotaru_(splatoon) jewelry mask mocio mole mole_under_eye object_on_head open_mouth pantyhose pointy_ears siblings splatoon tentacle_hair

Marie. She reminds me of witch Mercy

Marie. She reminds me of witch Mercy

Yesterday, we saw a callie album for the last splatfest; today, i present to you a marie album (includes splatfest artwork) - Album on Imgur


Official illustrations for next JP Splatfest.

splatoon 2 | Tumblr

splatoon 2 marina and pearl


Team RWBY and Blake being herself by KumaFromTaiwan

Resultado de imagen para evolución inkling

Transformers Prime Game Nintendo Wii U