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tumblr_o623a6fvzI1rkrn29o2_1280.png (1000×770)

tumblr_o623a6fvzI1rkrn29o2_1280.png (1000×770)

Splatoon ships everywhere

Splatoon orange x blue

Splatoon: Charger Strats by vSock on DeviantArt #Inkling

Charger Strats by vSock on DeviantArt--- The expression of the girl inkling on the right in the last panel.

Tentacle in Tentacle by TamarinFrog.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Tentacle in Tentacle by TamarinFrog on DeviantArt - Literally the cutest thing ever

Every time there's a roller on the enemy team we end up focusing on each other like there can only be one.

It doesn't often, because I am more of a Octo Shot Replica. Judd gave me that when I reached level Thanks Judd!


absurdres aqua hair beanie closed eyes dark skin domino mask fangs goggles goggles on head grey background hat headphones highres inkling jellyfish mask official art orange hair pointy ears ponytail sailor school uniform shoes simple background

Callie and Marie

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