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Meme: Chill out It's just a test. Make a new meme with the Chill Out Lemur meme generator, or browse Chill Out Lemur memes already made.

Half my students turned their assignments in done incorrectly....this will be on my smartboard tomorrow when they walk in.

Grumpy cat quotes are funny to read. Tardar Sauce also known as the Grumpy cat is a celebrity and queen of cats. We have collected a list of amazingly funny and hilarious pictures of Grumpy cat [.


50 Ideas, Tricks, and Tips for Teaching 7th Grade

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A Evil Plotting Raccoon meme. Caption your own images or memes with our Meme Generator.

Happens daily in the life of a Kindergarten teacher  and First Grade as well..Funny thing is, you answer "yes dear".

I've done this so many time it's just so embarrassing. Yup like the amount of times I've called my teachers mom is not even funny ^~^

This is crazy, so study maybe :)

I am linking up with The Learning Tree , Smiling in Second and Classroom Cupcakes for their Motivational Monday Linky Party: I love t.

And they shall kneel at the feet of those that came before them...or else!

The 22 Most Soul-Crushing Things About Working Retail

Prepare yourself - Brace yourself The "new year, new me" posts are coming

Why become angry at your teacher when you choose to break classroom rules/

Gatolf Enfadado : Why Become Angry At Your Teacher When You Choos., Why Become Angry At Your Teacher, When You Choose To Break Classroom Rules? - by Anonymous