lohrien: “Illustrations by Erisiar dA l tumblr l shop ” :) !!

culturenlifestyle: “Stunning Surreal Skyscape Illuminated With Galactic Colors The celestial art featured by artist Erisiar features stunning skyscapes that threaten to spill open with radiant colors.

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love drawing art couple tree Black and White anime beautiful sky landscape b&w moon edit space galaxy stars artwork wallpaper clouds scenery star cloud Anime Couple falling star anime scenery anime monochrome

ReddyWhip's Story idea: shooting stars. Going in and out of earth’s atmosphere(scientifically incorrect), they don’t appear as they should be. This man witnesses an incredible phenomenon as he stares into the sky. Are the stars racing? Or are those people? #storytelling

kheled zaram by megatruh - Landscapes & Scenery Digital Art by Niken / space horizon / moon / shooting stars / sci fi / fantasy / colorful

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Lần đầu au đăng fic trên Wattpad mong mn chiếu cố ợ.

The Art Of Animation, Alexandra kern  - ...

“The promise of uncertainty changes how I live. more, as if the very seconds prior to every sunset will be my last.” ― Nadine Brandes, A Time to Speak ZandraArt