Asleep in the Poppies…

I really love macro photography and how it can put things into different perspectives or show more details that are usually overseen or ignored. I like the idea of movement that shows more details than what would originally meet the eye.

Smile! It's a beautiful new day ♡

Marie on

Falling from a Star

Bug's Eye View

summer sky Love the Perspective

Poppies in the Sky



Artwork in Cafe De Juliannas

Lake Dock, Thousand Islands, Canada. The Light Purple & Blues Of The Hills, Water & Sky In The Background Create A Cool Tone To The Image. The Leaves Complement It Well & Add To The Peace & Tranquility.

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I hope to be as brave as this strong and beautiful flower.......

Sundays Sermon "Blessed are they that see beauty in humble places where other…

A beautiful fall scene, photograph taken in the Netherlands.

Bug’s eye view Flowers Garden Love. I feel like Alice in this picture

[Notre couleur] - Feuilles sur une branche d'arbre #colors

Ginkgo Green and yellow, half-half by shinichiro

.California Quail    Lovely together with a touch of the red berries.   ld

Gamble Quail "Quail, Fence and Flowers"

♔* Welcome on my blog*♔  Bonjour, Here you will find romantic images, flowers, landscapes to escape....

♔* Welcome on my blog*♔ Bonjour, Here you will find romantic images, flowers, landscapes to escape....


Beautiful wild flower meadow with blue skies.

Colibri en flor. Hummingbird in flower.

A Moment In Time Greeting Card for Sale by John Kolenberg

Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark, Kansas; gonna have to go visit some of these places from my birth state

17 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Kansas

17 most beautiful places to see in KS Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark, Kansas

Wendy Ng was born in Hong Kong, Educated in the United States, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Her heart has always desired to study art. She was also trained in Wimbledon School of Art’s Art and Design. Ng also has a background in advertising and publishing. She paints in the traditional form but takes her ideas further by experimenting with patterns and textures creating a balance between Real-life Art and Abstract Art. Wendy Ng captures beauty and femininity with her female portrait art…

Wendy Ng ~ Abstract painter

{Art Work By Artist Wendy Ng - Chinese Abstract painter}