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Kiss kiss!  Animal kingdom kisses…

Animal kingdom kisses…

This Bunny Understands Short People Problems

This Bunny Understands Short People Problems

The abused circus elephants who were reunited at an elephant sanctuary after 25 years apart.

These Circus Elephants Were Reunited 25 years Later At An Elephant Sanctuary. Their Story Is Moving love animals amazing elephant story animal interesting wild life elephants facts stories heart warming

Image result for baby squirrel

Image result for baby squirrel

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I miss my lop rabbits SO freaking bad!

Loveable Little Creatures : Baby Rabbits - Photo: Cutest Baby Bunny - Cuddly Lop Ear Baby Bunny photos 15

"Hello, my name is Scribbles."

"Excuse me, mommy.I'm getting kinda tired of carrots every day. Could we maybe have broccoli florets for dinner tonight, please?

Dog Facts: More dogs are called Max, Jake, Maggie or Molly than any other pet names.

A firefighter hugs his partner after rescuing a family from a burning house. What HERO'S.

A bright future ahead

A bright future ahead

Is that supposed to be an outfit? Please tell me you don't think that's a good look. Is the apartment on fire and you're trying to save as much as possible? Because that would be easier to understand than the idea that you've lived to adulthood with such a massive lack of fashion sense and/or subtlety. No, seriously. Is the apartment burning? Should I be calling someone?

This poor bunny has head tilt/torticolis. This can be cause by ear infections, even the horrible EC parasite. If you see a bunny looking like this, DON'T think its cute, get it vet treatment! Head tilt can be permanent, and very miserable!