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Reuse Reduce Recycle by RailSaverPRO

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle RailSaverPRO new packaging

After needing 13 liters of blood for a surgery at the age of 13, a man named James Harrison pledged to donate blood once he turned 18. It was discovered that his blood contained a rare antigen which cured Rhesus disease. He has donated blood a record 1,000 times and saved 2,000,000 lives.

Valley residents - find your nearest Central California Blood Center and donate! Supply is always lower around the holidays and demand is up - what an awesome gift you can give! You can donate give blood every 56 days.

Solar Energy News For All !! Who Wants To Be Informed!!

The Madison County Master Gardeners Association to hold its Indiana Garden School II in Anderson

Woven newspaper baskets over a paper towel form, for the kiddies. Okay, a couple changes: we used long long strips and did it over oatmeal containers, which was easier for them. Sweet spot seemed to be 1st and 2nd graders, no 3rd, but girls AND boys. A little elaborate - definitely a long afternoon project!

Easy-Weave Newsprint Basket -- not these baskets, but I'm thinking about the prospect of framing an entire children's grade of one project in newspaper. Like newspaper for the mat, and then construction paper for the frame.

Public works party centerpieces

Public works party centerpieces

Every Day, People Spend 16 Minutes Doing This Thing They Think Is Good For The Planet. It Isn't.

Every Day, People Spend 16 Minutes Doing This Thing They Think Is Good For The Planet. It Ain't.

As part of our Turn It Off anti-idling campaign, we created this idling infographic that explains the facts about idling.

recycle logos | Recycle’ Logo Gets Alternative New Looks

recycle logos | Recycle’ Logo Gets Alternative New Looks

Infographic: What We Throw Away

Can you Believe What We Throw Away - #Infographics #facts #trash

EPA Infographic detailing what Americans throw away, and how waste reduction and recycling can reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.


Key Strength of Event Industry in Melbourne - Variety of venues - MCEC

Free up your tight floor space by installing recycling bin hangers on the wall made with a few pieces of scrap wood.

Top 24 Cheap and Easy Garage Organization Ideas

Challenge yourself to a 5 minute shower!

Cut down on your water consumption. Shower quicker, turn off the tap while you brush your teeth, avoid leaving water running longer than needed.

Cute presentation.

Cute presentation.