Sure of Self

A cartoon image of a black girl who is proud to be herself with her natural hair. This image empowers and reassures black girls that their natural hair, skin, and features are something to be proud of.


Rosa Acosta: an Aydiosmio Favorite



"Words We Never Said: For Colored Boys Only" by Salaam Muhammad

"Words We Never Said: For Colored Boys Only" by Salaam Muhammad CodeBlack Art

"I sing way too much for somebody who can't sing." - Valerie Cheers Brown

Strong, graceful, and absolutely gorgeous!

YOU  ARE . .......

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For so many people...

Beautiful You.Knowing Who You Are And Being Yourself Is A Beautiful Gift. It Means That You Are Original, Courageous & Free. You Radiate Light Onto Everything You Touch And You shine!

Lush portraits by Ruud van Empel – in pictures

Dream BIG

Inspirational Quotes About Black Women

Dope Work By: Fleance Forkuo

I love this! She is too adorable!

Brown girl portrait by Gus Bennett

Love everything about this pic.

Mushiya, center, pictured with her daughters Kasai Tshikuka-Smith (L), Keleshe Tshikuka-Smith (R) and their dolls.

Gleti - West African Moon Goddess

Gleti is a moon goddess from the African kingdom of Dahomey, situated in what is now Benin. In Dahomey mythology, she is the mother of all the stars. An eclipse is caused by the shadow of the moon’s husband crossing her face.

Mawu (“MAH-woo”). The goddess of Earth-and-sky, exalted in West African Vodun religion. She is goddess of the moon and and represents the wisdom of age. Mawu can help you age with grace and become an empowered elder. Together, with Lisa her twin flame, they form an androgynous two-in-one deity.

b-sama: ‘African Madonna’ African Madonna is a self-initiated project by illustration studio, Studio Muti. “Combining elements from South African tribal culture and referencing religious icons, we came up with our version of an “African Madonna”.

Oshun.  ..

Concerning Oshun, a Love Goddess

Oshun ~ River Goddess and Patroness of Love Spells