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Carambola – Benefícios e propriedades

Eating a Starfruit, Carambola with Shamus O'Leary

13 Ways to Treat Hypothyroidism Naturally by Jill Grunewald on Mind Body Green

13 Ways to Treat Hypothyroidism Naturally

Avocados are great natural source of fibre and folate. They are packed full of natural vitamin c to burnish and hydrate your skin. They are also an aphrodisiac.

perfectly ripe peaches

Homemade Jalapeno Black Beans

the color of fresh peaches/ no recipe just my favorite fruit

Bilembines - Star Apple

Carambola (or Star) Fruit. These unripened (green) star fruit look great in the…


Star Fruit found in Zesty Starfruit Happy Moments

We Heart It에 올린 Sentierodiluce | via Tumblr - http://weheartit.com/entry/173475663

In Season - March, lemons.

frutas com ganache                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Sobremesa no palito

frutas com ganache

A tropical beach is always accompanied by tropical fruit.. love those colors!

At Uxua, each meal is characterised by a strong regional emphasis and combines the freshest ingredients coming from UXUA’s own garden and Trancoso’s organic farms.

Dragon fruitboom

Picture of Dragon fruit tree stock photo, images and stock photography.


carambola - Starfruit - currently ripe and ready to be eaten!

Os 12 Benefícios da Pitanga Para Saúde | Dicas de Saúde

Os 12 Benefícios da Pitanga Para Saúde | Dicas de Saúde

Carambola: La carambole pousse dans des régions tropicales. C’est le fruit du carambolier. La carambole mûre est de couleur jaune orangé. Le fruit coupé prend la forme d’une étoile. La carambole a un goût acidulé. On l’utilise en cuisine dans des salades de fruits, des jus, des confitures, des sauces…

Starfruit (Averrhoa carambola) Native to the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia…

Goji berries.  They are a super food packed with antioxidants and nutrition that can be easily grown in your landscape.  With their bright red berries emerging in September, they are ornamental as well!

Top 7 Fruits and Vegetables with TONS of Health Benefits

Goji Berries, one of the nutritional fruit from berry family. Here are 10 health & nutritional benefits of Goji Berries and nutrition facts of Goji Berries

Kiwi is a healthy and delicious topping for your favorite Fro-Yo!

kiwi fruit-Contains Vitamin C which is vital for the health of your gum tissue. Without Vitamin C, the collagen in your gums breaks down, the gums become tender and more susceptible to the bacteria causing periodontal disease.

tomato season — emily blincoe

tomato season

Austin-based freelance photographer Emily Blincoe is best known for her unique OCD-inducing take on food art. Her latest work has inanimate objects like citrus fruit, tomatoes, eggs and leaves neatly organized according to their color variations.