British or American?

Difference between British and American English words.Apparently I've been using some British terms all my life without knowing it

Quietly Writing - Articulate and precise speech is one of the most important thing in English language.

British and American English - I love that Australian English is EXTREMELY similar to British English. I'd fit in over there :)

『英国英語VS米国英語一覧表 貴方はどっち?』

A Proportional Perspective of the World's Spoken Languages

A Proportional Perspective of the World's Native Languages

Other ways to say I'm hungry

Different ways to say "I'm hungry." - Learn and improve your English language with our FREE Classes. Call Karen Luceti or email kluceti to register for classes. Eastern Shore of

Some differences between American and British English for you. British left and American right. Im going to start speaking British slang.

Check this infographic see if your knowledge is right or not!

This Infographic Shows You The Different Between British and American English

British and American English…because if I'm going to be in love with Brits I'd better know the lingo

Funny pictures about British and American English. Oh, and cool pics about British and American English. Also, British and American English.