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As três forças armadas do Brasil possuem aeronaves de combate (Divulgação)

As três forças armadas do Brasil possuem aeronaves de combate (Divulgação)

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B-17 and  B-52

B 52 bomber,B 17 flying fortress,and a B 52 Stratofortress bomber.

F35k -- I'm still trying to find this layout appealing....But still a great picture

Behold, the Lockheed Skunk Works Lightning II. This fighter is named after the Lightning from WWII, which is rumored to have also been designed by Lockheed Skunk Works. Unapplicable, LMO not on Dave/Harriet team. Dave, please confirm.

BUFFs  on the flight line at K. I. Sawyer AFB.  The winters were long and harsh on the northern tier.  I was amazed we could operate these machines in this brutal climate.  Many thanks to the ground personnel who sacrificed to keep us airborne under these conditions.

Image detail for -MINOT, N. — A bomber at the Minot Air Force Base is testing a jet fuel made partly from coal. The bomber will be tested through February to determine how .

Crewmen from the USS Enterprise (CV-6) servicing Douglas TBD-1 Devastators during maneuvers off the coast of Hawaii in September 1940. These planes are from Torpedo Squadron Six (VT-6).

Crew of the American aircraft carrier USS Enterprise servicing Douglas Devastator torpedo bombers on deck during maneuvers off Hawaii sept 1940 - Life Magazine from March

Belgian Air Force General Dynamics F-16AM Block 20 MLU Fighting Falcon solo display

This is a are the fastest aircraft they can sit guns to approximately to kilometers per hour and missiles.

Real(Mislabeled) - Captioned as: "B-52 Breaking the Sound Barrier" - This is a B-52 Bomber flying thru a moisture/condensation barrier at subsonic speed.... another link: http://www.spacewar.com/reports/Boeing_B52_With_CONECT_Upgrade_Accomplishes_First_Test_Flight_999.html and discussion in comments: https://reposti.com/p/V7 (644 mph top speed for B-52(I don't know about secret versions.) vs 768 mph speed of sound.)

Boeing "Stratofortress"breaking the sound barrier. I can't believe my grandfather flew that giant Bomber.

With all the technology in the world at peak performance man and machine are out maneuvered in the spot light by the biological brilliance of Mother Nature's version of high tech beauty in flight.

Love the Blue Angels! The Blue Angels' mission is to enhance Navy and Marine Corps recruiting efforts and to represent the naval service to the United States.



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By far my favorite aircraft, the two of these were sold to private citizens in the US a few years ago.

Sound barrier.. seeing this in person is beyond awesome!!

Picture This: Transonic Jet Gathers Clouds

I've always thought this was amazing. When a jet breaks the speed of sound,you can actually see the sound barrier break.