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“My Manicure: Purple Nails I never meant to cause you any sorrow, I never meant to cause you any pain, I only wanted to one time see you wear me, I only…”

Saima's Salon: My Manicure: Orange Nails For Animals

SUNDAY, 4 AUGUST 2013 My Manicure: Scottish Nail Lassies

“My Manicure: Fuchsia Fanta Is summer really over at last? My nails want a Fanta blast! To forget about the colder days, As if I still feel heated sun…”

“My Manicure: La Dolce Vita La dolce vita, painting my nails, Manicured red, draped in black veils, Hidden behind the delicate lace, Lies a bold red,…”

“My Manicure: Tri-Red My manicure uses reds times three, It's Briarwood, Holidaze and Sooki for me, All are red but in varying hue, But still are red,…”

“My Manicure: 1978 Target practice in nineteen seventy-eight, Even aged one, frowning as if irate, Maybe I was? They dressed me in red, With a bullseye…”

“My Manicure: Siriano Striping Tape Christian's gown resembles nail art, So of course I knew exactly where to start, A base of darkest black of Camelot…”

SUNDAY, 9 JUNE 2013 My Manicure: Purple Pueen Reigns Supreme

“My Manicure: Simple Sunday Purple is ONE of my favourite hues, What I use as I combat Sunday blues, Simple painting and simple stamp, With a darkly…”