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The Spirit of Captain America originally shared com Marvel (Discussion): Dead Men Tell No Tales by Berunov +Sabah K​​

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'Steve, hurry up, I've been waiting for 5 minutes already. Don't think I'm above hot wiring this thing & leave your star-spangled butt behind.

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meanestaidman said: You are by far one of my favourite artists here! Anyways, could you please draw a picture of Bucky and his sisters or Buckys time in the red room or a Bucky and Steve moment?

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Well, then. I think my mind has been blown for the day! I recommend you read every word of this (it's worth it), even though it's pretty long, because it gives wonderful insight into the character of the Winter Soldier!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Bucky feels! TWS had only two targets and Hydra never fully broke Bucky