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Vini Uehara (14)

LOOKBOOK: Red from the bottom to the top

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Don’t you ever want it to pull over your car in the middle of the road, when there’s no cars around and do.

Vini Uehara

Mixed Japanese-Brazilian, you say? Congrats on your genes.

vini uehara ♥

vini uehara ♥

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by Thais Silvestre by Felipe Rufino By Massimo Cordela By Tommy Napolitano By Devak Devendran By Mike Quyen by Breno da Matta By.

vini uehara ♥

Gợi ý các chàng: Cách mix đồ trẻ trung và cuốn hút từ Vini Uehara

LOOKBOOK Casual Look - Vini Uehara

LOOKBOOK Casual Look

Skinny jeans, white t-shirt and sneakers. It’s good to be basic and casual sometimes, specially when you have a busy and.