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From Brew Pot to Brew Kettle: Projects. Turning a brew pot into a brew kettle. From BYO Mar/Apr 2007

Use a step drill to convert your plain brew pot into a brew kettle with a built in spigot and thermometer.

brew in a bag method

BIAB is an acronym for Brew In A Bag. It is a dead simple all grain brewing technique. All it requires is a large grain straining bag, 15 gallon kettle and a

Keep it Simple - How to cut the top off a Keg to make a Keggle

Keep It Simple - How to Cut the Top Off a Keg to Make a Keggle

The hardest part of turning a Keg into a Keggle is cutting the top off.I found a really easy and simple method that will take about 5 - 10 minutes to make and 5 -

Simply Beer - The Stand that Never Was

They make and 3 tier brew systems as well as custom stands.

Matt's Keg and Carboy Washer - American Homebrewers Association

When it comes to homebrewing, cleaning is half the work! Since Matt built this keg and carboy washer, he can spend less time cleaning, and more time brewing!

Keggle Hop Spider with hook and two corny keg dry hoppers

Stainless Steel Brewing Filter - Heavy duty stainless steel brewing filters with full filtration baskets are perfect for containing hops! Commonly called a hops spider or dry hopper, these things rock!

Simple all grain electric beer brewery - how to

Simple All Grain Electric Beer Brewery BIAB