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10 Latin America Ecotourism Adventures For A World Travel Bucket List

Extreme sports can be found anywhere! Take your snowboard to South Africa for a sand boarding adventure.

Could never do that.

friends - friends are really important in this youth culture. Friends are when you have always got someone to trust when problems have come up. Friends are people you can tell anything to and do anything with. It is always important to have friends.

Simas del Tepuy Sarisariñama en Venezuela, las más profundas y grandes del mundo

Neversink Pit, Alabama - Two cavers ascend from 162 feet. Neversink Pit in Alabama. This picture won an honorable mention in the 2006 NSS Slide Salon. Photo by Brian Masney

DONE IT!!!! Bucket list: cage dive with Great White Sharks! @karab37 @evelasqu @ecooper1993 @kellifroland

Cage Dive With Great White Sharks

Bucket list: cage dive with Great White Sharks! A big tick off the list, volunteered two weeks in South Africa with Great White Sharks!

Surfing the Sahara! ~ We used to sand surf dunes here in Florida but it was nothing like this.

Sandboarding Sandboarding is a boardsport similar to snowboarding, but competitions take place on sand dunes rather than snow-covered mountains. Here, a member of the US Navy sandboards down a dune in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

Jump and Fall

A couple of high school seniors jump off of Death Bridge on the last week of school.(A Shermer High Tradition)-- Taken by Jack who was being rushed by Max to hurry up or they'll miss the next big jump.

volcano boarding - one of the extreme sports you can do abroad or at home.....omg really??? I have to do this!!!

The Best Extreme Sports That You Can Try at Home and Abroad

Near Leon, Nicaragua: volcano boarding - one of the extreme sports you can do abroad or at home

Traveling to the Atacama Desert of Chile is an adventure lover's paradise. One of our favorite activities on sandboarding the Death Valley! | www.eatworktravel.com The luxury, adventure couple!

Desert Extreme Sports - Sandboarding Death Valley

A trip to the Atacama Desert of Chile is in itself extreme, but when you add sandboarding in the Death Valley, it takes your trip to a whole new level.

Wow - Picnicking as an extreme sport! <3

Funny pictures about Crazy picnic. Oh, and cool pics about Crazy picnic. Also, Crazy picnic photos.

The Marble Caves - the most famous of them is the “Capilla de Mármol” meaning "Marble Chapel" - are located on Lake General Carrera/Buenos Aires (depending which side of the lake you are on), Patagonia, Chile. The boat tours usually leave from Puerto Tranquillo, Río Ibáñez. The amazing vibrant blue and grey cave chambers, submerged to some extent, all lay in memorizing turquoise waters of Carrera/Buenos Aires Lake.

The Marble caves (alias Capilla de Mármol) - located in the seas of Chile. Lake General Carrera/Buenos Aires support their water/power

Windsurfing?  If Yes -click Tried, and comment your experience/ If No -what are you doing? Save this pin to your Bucket List!

Extreme Sports Emotions 2015 -XTreme Moments-Amazing -Parkour-Extreme -AWESOME - Epic -Best Series 2 The World's Best Parkour and Freerunning .