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iPhone wallpapers especially cool iPhone wallpapers are always in a huge demand. This latest mega collection of wallpaper for iPhone and iPhone backgrounds

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One of the most common logos out there. Here is a logo that is so simple but easy branded. This particular one looks like it's in the rain showing that their athletic wear can withstand the same condition.

Lee Seung-gil/#2066143 - Zerochan

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He doesn’t look like but actually Lupo is a wolf! OK – a wolf in sheep’s clothing and that’s what happened: When Lupo was a puppy, he had a great passion for hand-knitted sh…

LUPO the lamb

The jellyfish pattern is one of 16 quick, flattering, decorative or just fun projects from my crochet booklet for beginners and returners (published by Gräfe & Unzer in 2014 – the book is…

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