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Raúl Méndez as Juan Seguín. Juan Seguín is a Tejano leader in the Texas army who…

Jeremy Davies as Ephraim Knowles. This shifty rogue deserts the army and gets caught profiteering from fleeing settlers. General Houston has him arrested, court-martialed and decrees his execution. Left guarded by the Rangers, Knowles begs them for a second chance after the Army forgets to execute him. They take him under their wing, and he becomes part of the Company.

Rob Morrow as Colonel Fannin. This finely bred West Point-trained officer ignores General Houston’s orders, and instead relies on his “conscience” for guidance. When informed of the approaching Mexican Army, he finally decides to flee Goliad too late, leading his regiment into the open where they are ambushed.

Crispin Glover as Mosely Baker. The most vocal critic of Sam Houston, Moseley is a grand-standing rabble-rouser who tries to whip up the already agitated men to open mutiny. He is confident that Houston will soon be replaced as general, but his insurrection ultimately leads to his humiliating demotion.

Johnathon Schaech as Colonel Sherman. General Houston’s most militant officer, Sherman sides with Mosely Baker in criticizing Houston and urging him to attack instead of retreat, nearly instigating a mutiny.

Dillon Lane as Yancey Burns. This Texas Ranger and his best friend, Truett, are the youngest Rangers in the group, but are no less courageous. He and Truett both have puppy love crushes on young Sarah Ewing and good-naturedly compete for her attentions. Yancey accompanies Truett to check on Truett’s mother and sisters, and the two offer to stay behind and monitor Colonel Fannin’s troop movements.

Texas Rising, Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Emily West

Gerardo Taracena as Manuel Flores. Manuel Flores is a member of the Tejano Rangers. He’s appalled by Santa Anna’s savagery and fights side by side with his Texian counterparts to free the territory from the Mexican general.