Creepyyyyyy #AlexFromTarget

can i get famous like that? Im still confused as to why people even let him get famous I will answer your ? Because he is sooo cute !

Good point

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Don't be mean to people because they are ugly

BOIIII this is so true there was a kid in my grade class and he was cute in like a little kid way but he got fINE AF in high school and he remembered me from grade and I melted a bit ngl

All these shop jokes ;'D Alex from Target

Alex From Target / #AlexFromTarget

Just be added on my list of mental illness and disorders

No one in my school understands They don't even know what Magcon is, and when I talk about it, they are clueless. I slapped my friend for saying I was an idiot for thinking I was ever going to meet any of the boys.


This Churro Boy: 26 Jokes That Will Make Disney Fans Laugh Way Harder Than They Should

i feel so sad for Miss Phillipines since that dumb announcer said that…