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Prehistoric South American Ungulate Mammals are Relatives of Horses, Study Reveals

Litopterna is an extinct order of fossil hoofed mammals (ungulates) from the…

Pachycrocuta the Giant Hyena by Mauricio Antón

Pachycrocuta - The Giant Hyena Mounted specimen from the Zhoukoudian Museum, Beijing. Reconstruction by Mauricio Antón When: Pliocene to Pleistocene (~ 5 million to million years ago) Where:.

Fleshed out reconstruction of Pelorovis antiquus (bottom). By Mauricio Anton, from the book "Evolving Eden"

35 Cenozoic Creatures As Awesome (Or Even More So) Than Dinosaurs

The monster sheep that wasn’t, and other tales of African Bovini

Gigantopithecus era el doble de grande que un gorila. De echo, es el simio más grande que ha existido, un auténtico king kong. Hay quien cree que es el origen del mito del yeti. Sólo se han encontrado...

Real King Kong by tuomaskoivurinne Panthera tigris carefully lying in ambush for Gigantopithecus blacki in the forests of Pleistocene Southeast Asia.

Ratha Challenge day 7 and 8 - Quiet Hunter by Viergacht

had a neat idea to promote the Ratha's Creature graphic novel Kickstarter - draw a piece of fanart a day! At the request of a good friend, this is Quiet. Ratha Challenge day 7 and 8 - Quiet Hunter

Paraceratherium, AKA one of my favourite extinct animals.

Paraceratherium was a gigantic hornless rhinoceros-like mammal endemic to Eurasia & Asia during the Oligocene epoch. It is regarded as the largest land mammal known - Prehistoric artwork.


Smilodon chase, or changing our minds while we sketch.



Machairodus - unlike most saber-toothed cats of the time, which had extremely long canines that hung out of their mouths. The fangs however, were able to fit in its mouth comfortably while still being long and effective enough for hunting.

Information about the big cat Machairodus and other prehistoric creatures.

Australopithecines - by Velizar Simeonovski

Australopithecines and sivatherium - by Velizar Simeonovski

Prehistoric Safari : The Pliocene Greek fauna / Borson's Mastodon & Giant Scimitar cats 9