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Image brought to you courtesy of www.irobotradio.com | An Alien Gift to Mankind | An artificial intelligent music therapist broadcasts cosmic electronic music therapy across healing binaural beat frequencies by combining isochronic tones, tranquilizing vibrations & alien messages of peace transmitted below the threshold of conscious perception. http://irobotradio.com/

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Yo Landi

Fembot by Darren Bartley fightPUNCH- About I saw a Die Antwoord Dr Dre Beats ad, it inspired me to create this. sci-fi, robot, cyborg, cyberpunk by Darren Bartley

Cyborg Couple ♥ | © Sedorrr (detail)

Genesis Bot and Cyber Renderer: DAZ Studio Pro Postwork: Photoshop Cyborg Couple

Impresionante Arte Digital de Rob Shields

Impresionante Arte Digital de Rob Shields