Cordoba Cathedral Arches - Detail

Cordoba Cathedral Arches - Detail The Ducal Palace of Urbino, Marche, Italy separation creek house/ jackson clement burrows Mosaic Ceiling: .

Cordoba Cathedral – The Mezquita – Spain

Cordoba Cathedral - The Mezquita - Spain. The so called holy cathedral (former mosque of Cordoba) is not only the largest mosque in the entire world, but the largest temple in the world.

Moorish arches, Cordova, Spain (Paul Kelly - peeblespair)

La Mezquita, Cordoba Spain by PM Kelly, via Flick - A breathtaking example of Spanish Muslim architecture in this mosque built between the and centuries AD.

Chenonceaux Castle 2012-08-09 112913 internal

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Cathedral in Gloucester

Colourful Gloucester Cathedral, Was used for inside and outside settings of hogwarts in Harry potter