There is a tendency to downplay the role of fathers in the day to day happenings in children's lives. All Fathers play a pivotal role in the development of their children and now more than every we ne

Black Fathers Matter - Short Sleeve - Male Sizes Small - 3XL - Various Colors

Hip hop is not the problem

There are actually some very talented hip hop artists black and white out there that don't spew garbage,filth,and hate which is probably why we don't hear them on the radio.

But did a black man make this? It's beautiful to see this...but we aren't being lied to. It's what I we see often that makes us believe that black men have lost their touch for their own race of women. I didnt want to be a debbie downer in seeing this but we're not letting anyone lie to us. We can see it.   Not my words, I'm just a pinner who admired the art and the concept within. I would like to think it's true.

Dear black women, Don't give up on us because we are not truly loved unless we are loved by you!

Bobby Seale Poster, The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross - PBS #ManyRiversPBS

In the final episode of The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross, Henry Louis Gates explores the Black Power Movement and the new generation who stopped asking for freedom and starting demanding.

Black women and girls are more than the weeping women who have stood by while society perpetually terrorizes the bodies of Black and Brown men. Our bodies have been profiled, beaten, assaulted, and killed by law enforcement. We too are victims of this struggle. Basically what Beyonce was advocating (Critique)

Black Women Matter Underground Sketchbook Zine - Volume This zine is dedicated to black women. Read the stories of 11 black women who have been killed by law enforcement. Know their names.

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That Black

"Behind Every Great Man" by Kevin "WAK" Williams features the strong black man fighting the burdens of life with a strong black woman supporting him through prayer.

...think about it!

Black Hebrew History and Black History Is Important and Is A Part of Making Everybody's History What It Is Today

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The awakening of culture from African Diaspora,this is not a group for those with thin skin.