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Superhero name generator - for a fun start to the year and intro to nouns/adjectives

What's Your Superhero Name?

What’s Your Superhero Name? I am the Preposterous Psychic Golden Hand.two middle names can be annoying on these things.

Medival names- Mine's Thea Walter

Elaina's Writing World: Your Medieval Name. I am Ariana Archer :D

I dated Jellal because he forced me. Damn. He wouldn't have to force me, let me tell ya

I married Gray because he wants to sleep with me! Oh wait, Juvia is gotta get jealous. I married Gray!

Hikaru Hitachiin makes me cookies because he loves it when i smile......Awwwwwww

Ouran High School Host Club Birthday Scenario Game by Yukihitomi. Mine is Kyoya Ootori feeds me fancy tuna because Kyoya's family police are watching me.

I had sex with Tamaki Suoh and then stalked him in the shower. LOL

Anime Fangirl Meme Scenario - I proposed to crona cuz I loved his hair? It would be better if it was death the kid.

There's also Suki which is the least intimate in my opinion. I did not know about the last one!

Don't make a mistake: And I heard aishiteru is only used on the death bed, lol. So koishiteru more likely used when you are already dead? They mainly use suki desu or maybe daisuki. Has someone ever heard the use of aishiteru or koishiteru?

This will be me one day...

what made me laugh was the mom named her daughter MIKASA XD No shame I would do cause she's sooo cool

"Hey I'm Marx. I am the big sister to little fighter Lena. She just joined the Sword sisters. I hope she likes it there. I am 20 years old. I also have a alternate side to me. I call her Marc and she is nothing like me. I try not let her out. I am a new collage student too. I can fight, but nothing like my sister. Well got to go!"

Anime girl and a reflection of who she would be if she was the opposite of herself -hi guys,sorry if I didnt pin pins this few weeks cause I was busy doing my projects first ssooo now Im back. some anime pins!