Who wants a ride with exo?

Hahaha I'd definitely go, especially cause it's EXOM

Dat cup tho<<< XD I want to get that cup! That is amazing!

Dat cup tho

Dat cup tho<<< XD I want to get that cup! That is amazing! Laughing so hard I'm crying too!


Wow Chanyeol you know how to get Baekhyun into your heart. Baekhyun is so cute! Baekyeol is my favorite ship in Exo!

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Very tall people problems Level: Kris Exo Jokes Meme Lol

kekeke we always see that EXO is wearing good looking clothes on that we also want to wear but then in the end we see our oppas wearing this~?? kekeke EXO haven't you seen this yet~!? kekeke

I think besides the self proclaimed pervert shirt of Kris, Chen has an amazing one too.

Oh Baekhyuny~ looks always so innocent c:

Hehe, Baekhyun strikes again with his trusty eyeliner XD

Kris and Chanyeol work for multi billionaire businessman Jongdae

It's about experience | allkpop Meme Center

The biggest dorks (SJ) and the littler big dorks (EXO)

What EXO has in their bags.... I love that suho carries around a first aid kit

The difference between the men and the boys of EXO based on their luggage.

>~< Kyungsoo.. This is the best picture ever xD

Suho umma looks disappointed. but not shocked. "dammit Soo, not again.I always wanted to see and smell the inside of a trophy.

Yixing as a pissed off  parent...   #Lay #Yixing #ExoFandom

kekeke i could imagine myself being a daughter of Lay~ keke it would be hilarious~ keke i could just laugh at myself being nagged by Lay oppa from time to time~

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Chanyeol looks so fucking happy when he saw the chandara banner xD

Sehun, Chanyeol & D.O

chanyeol attempted to make sehun and kyungsoo kiss but ended up hurting kyungsoo with his mic haha I started to ship sehun and D.