I'm so lucky Matthew feels this way. He is always my reason to smile when all I want to do is cry.

Hay si , como si estas cosas pasaran :’v

If so, you will doubtless be familiar with a concept known as relationship goals, the phenomenon in which two people decide to couple up, take photos together, and exploit their own relationship for the purpose of garnering likes.

I've found him....

Um, okay, I'm just sayin now, if the guy I like said this to me, I would literally be bouncing off the walls in excitement. by elvia

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My dream guy! This might be weird to some of u girls, but I want a funny, loud, sweet guy more than a romantic one. Romantic is great but I just like this kind of guy more.

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I bet the couple planned that so they could do it some time and her dad would be fine know they were "playing monopoly"