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I know I said I was going to take a break from making comics, but this idea suddenly popped into my head today and I just HAD to dr.

Bleach Renji

Grimmjow oh his facial expressions are all ways to die for!

I was watching bleach and the fact that Ichigo remembered Grimmjow's name in the first fight scared me cause somehow I went from Grimmjow to Grin jaw, to cream jell XD

bare shoulders bleach blush breasts brown eyes dress hair ornament hairclip hug hug from behind inoue orihime jewelry kurosaki kazui large breasts long hair mature mother and son orange hair quiss ring signature smile spoilers strapless straples

DPPk7f4V4AArmDa.jpg 854×952 pixels

DPPk7f4V4AArmDa.jpg 854×952 pixels

Bleach Rukia and Renji~ Abarai and Kuchiki~ RenRuki

yzderia-forest: “ Rukia likes to play with Renji’s hair. Sometimes she pretends she has long, beautiful red hair~ (lbr who wouldn’t want to play with that beautiful mane of red hair right) ”