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It hurts )': The Quarterback

we can burn brighter than the sun. #glee

We can burn brighter than the sun ~Glee

faberry by I don't ship it at all, but I think this is a really awesome piece of fan art!

Awww is it bad I ship Quinn and Rachel?

Fansite dedicated to the best couple and also the best part of "Glee": the awesome relationship between Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson, aka Klaine. Glee sucked ass, but Klaine was worth it.

Klaine sketch. <3 Kurt and Blaine moving in their new apartment. <3 DON'T REPOST ANYWHERE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

KGTR - Step Amiability by yu-oka on DeviantArt

Glee club... As follows: Blaine, Kurt, Karofsky?, Brittany & Santana, Rachel & Finn, Quinn & Sam, Mercedes, Puck, Artie, Tina & Mike, Mrs. Pillsbury?, Will, Sue.

Glee club in cartoon form

Ahhh I love Sam

Chord Overstreet as Sam Evans

If any one loves glee as much as me.

The "Glee" Cast Gets Their Archie Makeover - Finn

The "Glee" Cast Gets Their Archie Makeover

The kids look good in ink. Hopefully the Gleeks adjust well.

it's like the universe knew something like this was going to happen

this is so sad finn was a awsome charecter

Lol! You gotta check this out @Jessica Swinney

Wallpaper and background photos of Glee cast High school Yearbook photos for fans of Glee images.

#Glee 6x07 "Transitioning" - Kurt and Blaine

Glee "Transitioning" - Kurt and Blaine.

Love Rachel and Finn but Kurt and Blaine so much more

I strongly dislike finchel but i LOVE Klaine! "Why's the T-rex eating the jew"


The season 5 finale

miniBrittana Sleepover by tilhe on DeviantArt

Sleepover at Santana's house miniBrittana Sleepover

Some of Klaine's best moments by Suitfer

Klaine Fanart on

with glee i made so many friends and really got inspired to keep drawing, for that im thankful! kurt and blaine brought me a lot of joy, and i wanted to remember my favorite parts of their story. special thanks to evie ❤️