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Doctor Who / UP mashup

Up - Doctor Who. Amazing, beautiful, nerdy art by Wirdou

From the archives of the Timelords and Because of the Doctor

My gypsy soul cries, my restless heart breaks, and still, I am here.

He's beauty He's grace He'll punch racists in the face << OMYGOD WHOEVER WROTE THAT DESERVES A HIGH FIVE

He's beauty. He's grace. He'll punch racists in the face. The Twelfth Doctor, ladies and gentlemen was gonna pin this cuz I just knew that that was gonna happen in the episode, but now I'm pinning it for that comment XD


What does the fox say? Who cares, Doctor Who is on. (Laughed harder than I should have!



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Quote by Thomas Brodie-Sangster's character, Tim Latimer in the episode "The Family of Blood".  This is my absolute favourite description of the Doctor!

He’s like fire, and ice, and rage; he’s like the night, and the storm at the heart of the sun. He’s ancient and forever. He burns and the center of time, and he can see the turn of the universe. And… he’s wonderful.

Don't mean to repin so much DW stuff, because  I'm really not a hardcore fan. (Just watching the 10th Doctor to kill time before 3rd season of Sherlock.) But I do love Calvin & Hobbes, making this an acceptably adorable cross-over.

Doctor Who thing of the day: Doctor Calvin and companion Hobbes

My Favorite Doctor Who Thing Today - \Doctor\ Calvin and companion Hobbes: Two beloved companions indeed!

"Dream Stalker"  Following my dreams with all that is in me!

"Dream Stalker" Following my dreams with all that is in me!