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Can't believe the gorgeous produce at Bronx Borough Hall Greenmarket - across the street from my house on the Grand Concourse! Fresh, local, sustainable - I'm cooking!

First day of stay-cay in my happy place - I'm cooking!

I told Ruari that if you're cooking with whiskey you should also be drinking the whiskey because that's quality control and it's a real thing. She said I was absolutely right and asked if I had any treats to go with that bullshit. The mouth on that dog. #wecookwithoil #YouLivingLarger

Because someone's clearly not obsessed enough about grapefruit around here. Welcome to the family Young Living Grapefruit - we're putting you to work immediately. Will provide a bevy of applications tomorrow (that's a hint) - but today I'm hanging with Ford - who's newly four! #OhMets(!) #YouLivingLarger

When Top Chef Carla Hall was given the task of making a "last supper" for Jacques Pepin she served buttered tarragon peas as a side that clearly - for him - eclipsed everything else she'd prepared. Her peas were fresh - mine were rescued from the back of the freezer. Frost-bitten and old. Didn't matter - they were transformed by butter, shallots, YL tarragon, YL thyme and lemon. Tarragon with peas tastes like spring - these were great and were all I needed for dinner.

Chicken Cacciatore by way of Janet and Aaron's garden. Eaten at silly o'clock because John bought the chicken after work. Fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions, thyme, parsley and garlic + Young Living Oregano + organic chicken + Malbec + crazy/stupid impulse to cook after 10pm = Happy John. The fresh sage is waiting for pork - coming soon... #HappyLaborDay #besafe #YouLivingLarger

Local baby heirloom tomatoes from the farmer's market + fresh bocconcini from Arthur Avenue + vinaigrette made with Young Living Basil, fruity olive oil and fresh lemon = Insalata Caprese. We ate this for breakfast before hopping on a train - if we'd had time we could have polished off another easily. Moreish. We've started dinners with caprese only to decide it's really all we want. Garlic bread. Wine. Done. #supportfarmers #buylocal #cheesemadebynonna

As promised - pancakes. Made these for the photo series "Processed Foods We Will No Longer Be Eating." And then I ate them. In other news -John says the Mets are crushing it - so that's happening. #auntjemimaandmrsbutterworthhaveleftthebuilding #bringontheEinkorn #goMets (!)

Williams Sonoma has rolled out the pumpkin decor, Starbucks and M&Ms are BOTH hawking pumpkin lattes - Fall is here! First-time baking with a 1/2 ratio of YL Einkorn - all the usual spice suspects present- YL lemon was added on a whim and it works. Pistachios added to the top were all John liked about this - but he's not fond of pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger. Gave it to the doormen who shared it with the porters and they were all very pleased.

Last night John came home and said he had something that would "cheer me up" but what he meant was "make me unconscious" because it was gin. Blueberry-infused Brockman's - and hand to heart - this was the way he brought it to me. POM Blueberry as a mixer "for antioxidants" he says. #mademesmile #nooilstorytoday

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