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Explore Bronx Borough, No Cozimento e muito mais!

Can't believe the gorgeous produce at Bronx Borough Hall Greenmarket - across the street from my house on the Grand Concourse! Fresh, local, sustainable - I'm cooking!

25 Healthy Dinner Recipes for Two

25 Healthy Dinner Recipes for Two #healthy #dinner #recipes

When Top Chef Carla Hall was given the task of making a "last supper" for Jacques Pepin she served buttered tarragon peas as a side that clearly - for him - eclipsed everything else she'd prepared. Her peas were fresh - mine were rescued from the back of the freezer. Frost-bitten and old. Didn't matter - they were transformed by butter, shallots, YL tarragon, YL thyme and lemon. Tarragon with peas tastes like spring - these were great and were all I needed for dinner.

Luzes e reflexões em arquitetura Art Deco. AMO/SOU.

For Rosh Hashanah - Honey cake with caramelized apples and pears - finished with honey. My first - and the most righteous thing I've ever put on a cake pedestal. I need it out of my house TODAY. Everything you'd expect to be in a honey cake along with coffee, whiskey, YL Einkorn and YL Cinnamon. For the first time, brought to you in real time. Nothing about this for John to like, but he appreciated the quarter-of-a-bite he tasted. #foragoodyear #forasweetyear #happynewyear

Parmesan Bacon Pumpkin Mashed Potatoes

Baked parmesan pumkin mashed potatoes – supper yummy pumpkin mashed potatoes loaded with parmesan cheese. Rich, creamy, sweet, cheesy and so easy |

11am and Marvin Gaye's playing, Ruari's sun-worshipping and WINE is mulling! Open magnum of red about to get tossed has been repurposed - will share when the weather's more cool. Here's the slaw I was sure John wouldn't eat, but he did. Red cabbage+carrot+Granny Smith+dressing w/YL Thyme= Slaw - hold the mayo (not that there's anything' wrong with it...) It's a beautiful day and the Mets are winning! #whatsgoinon #howsweetitis #mercymercyme

Pensamento de Pombos...

Dorcas and John have breakfast - who ate what? Tasteless yellow kiwi rescued by a drop of Young Living Orange oil+Granola I almost died making (killer pigeons are real)+Greek yogurt w/agave= a bowl of goodness John won't even look at. He did, however, voluntarily put something green in the eggs he made - my baby's got skills! #LegendaryYogiBerra

Softening Skin Scrub

The Scratch Mommy Softening Skin Scrub gives you a spa experience at home…no leaving the house necessary!