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I usually don't like blue eyes on horses but this one is beautiful. The blue is really pretty when the fur around the eye is not white but a darker color

What a beautiful horse!

"Sunwendyrain: most beautiful badger face paint horse." I love the reverse-blaze look of badger faced horses. I think sabino is responsible for the white markings. Either a flaxen chestnut or a dark palomino, though I'm leaning more towards flaxen.

Resultado de imagen para caballo  en dos patas

Cheyenne's Gold, dark palomino pinto Saddlebred - This was one of my Dream Horses when I was a kid.

Horses Great and Small

Horses Great and Small


i own a noble safe Hunter Jumper Horse. i embrace the spirit. celebrate the beauty.

Paint Horse [col. bay, frame overo] - trotter, typical for western riding; USA.

a palomino or appaloosa? Not quite sure, but one heck of a gorgeous animal. This is a Liver-Chestnut Paint and Remarkably Beautiful. It's actually a bay paint.

Caetano, cremello Lusitano stallion owned by Holly Zech  Abacus Farms.  Standing at stud www.cremellolusitanostallion.com

Akhal-teke cremello horse has been named the most beautiful horse in the world…

Oh the pretty coat color, such a beauty..... ~ My love for buckskins!!!!!!

This buckskin Lusitano looks particularly dashing in his braids and Baker polo wraps. Dardo Dos Pinhais, imported by Jorge Gabriel of Casa Lusitana.

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My third favourite breed of horse is a welsh mountain quarter horse because they have a funny sense of humour without even knowing it.

I love horses and have never been horse back riding. I did a book report on horses when I was in elementary school and have loved horses ever since.


Brazilian-sporthorse Brazilian-sporthorses: Campolina horse - A Belgian Warmblood mare from Brazil named Carole Van't Bosveld

A gorgeous baby appaloosa! What a pretty horse with beautiful markings. I love the cute black nose.  Lovely horse, equine photography.

A gorgeous baby appaloosa! What a pretty foal with beautiful markings. I love the cute black nose.

Smiling for the camera

Smiling for the camera