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appaloosa x akhal teke golden

Appaloosa-Teke Golden Globe A, buckskin with blanket - Alania Stud. Looks like a pretty well proportioned, solid horse.

Appaloosa foal

Come foal watch with us at Palisades appaloosas in Kentucky. Each mare will be presented and her labor and foaling will be described. Pics of the new foals as soon as they are born.

Friesian x Appaloosa stallion Grand Design

Friesian x Appaloosa stallion Grand Design - I am in LOVE. That is gorgeous!

bay appaloosa

Mighty Foxey Diablo, a buckskin blanket appaloosa. On this horse, you can very clearly see the dark spotting that often appears on blanket appaloosas. This darker spotting appears most strikingly on buckskins

Black appaloosa

Sugarbush Harley's Classic O, standing at stud in Waxahachie, TX. Very rare draft horse breed