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arte criativa!

Yes, they are actual shoes, and yes again they’re really made out of Lego! British art and contemporary product design visionary, Finn Stone created these unique shoes. Wear them at your own risk around kids though!

Lego Teapot

My kids would love this! And then try to figure out how to make it :) Lego my teapot! Assemblage / Collage, Mixed Media "Toy Pot" Ok don't wanna bother you. Have a good day daddy.

Lego Perroquet

Lego birds: the tropical collection - in pictures

Thomas Poulsom—Gordon the Gouldian Finch. An addition to The LEGO Tropical Bird Series.

Lego Angry Birds. Cannot get away from these guys. Are they overcooked yet? What do you reckon? #taymai

Lego Angry Birds

This is the third Angry Birds LEGO edition. No doubt, this is the best group of LEGO Angry Birds that we've ever seen so far.

Wow! Playful Office Wall Filled with 1,200 LEGO People. Would be a cool wall display in my son's room!

Playful Office Wall Filled with 1,200 LEGO People

Playful Office Wall Filled with LEGO People. Would be a cool wall display in my son's room! Create a lego man for each team member

Now I'm thinking about school AAAAAAAUGH I HAVE TO MAKE SURE I REMEMBER EVERYTHING! Uh... Okee I do.

8 New Uses for Christmas LEGOs

Make a Lego pencil/notebook so your lego people can be prepared for class.

Les Legos sont pleins de couleurs et peuvent servir pour les accessoires dans la cuisine.

make a LEGO utensil holder. If your kids have outgrown LEGO, this is a fun way of still using them! Even better idea would be in a kids room to begin with as a pencil /whatnot box.

Lego house- gotta show this to Tucker... Maybe he'll build us a house with all of the Legos in his floor.

James May's Lego House

Lego House - Built by James May (of Top Gear fame) this real-life Lego house is both a masterpiece and May’s dream come to life. May came up with the idea for a Lego house after a conversation with friends at the pub. They were talking about what they wou

Are you my master? LOL!! <--- Caption just shows that some people see it as Eleven, others see it as Carl Fredrickson from Up.

Carl from Up made from Legos - so cute! If you have Lego fans check out the ideas on this page My favorite movie!

Lego Ottoman Table

This table inlaid with legos would be a great addition to a play room or casual family room. You could even mix in vintage toys or photos depending on the depth of the table. [ 20 Cool Furniture Designs Made Out of Legos ]

Austrian design and lego - we are a great combination the Danes and us.

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lawn flamingo + lego = fabulous/ genius

Inspired By: Flamingos

Lego Flamingos I love these. bring on the pink legos!

Pack of 2 LEGO Plate clock with colorful bricks. fun home accessory geek decor. I could easily make this for Kovan!

Lego cat  show Luca

ok, this is just ridiculously cute. a little calico kitten with a pink nose, and little whiskers. all made out of white, grey, and bronze colored lego blocks. it's Lego Kitty Poo!