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The Gems and their Pokemon! I love how they portray their personalities and their capabilities are similar to these Pokemon. Manaphy perfectly fits Lapis, like how they just want to go home and Arcanine reminds me of Lion.

The Crystal Gems Want to be the Very Best

Steven Universe

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" But occasionally I've been known to smash" wtf was sards smashing and from what we know her hammer can change forms and even be a drill

My beautiful, terrifying, amazing, funny, and ultimately Homeworld-devastating cornchip queen

the best Pearl Diamond theory<<THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN SAYING

the best Pearl Diamond theory

Steven Universe, THIS! I read somewhere that people think she's a pink pearl or a white pearl but pay attention people! She wears all the diamond colors!

Steven and Lion. ((There's no going back when you start seeing lion's nose as a mouth))

Steven and Lion- I should just name this folder Steven universe art lols

1bf857f1d893be399933b1b845ebedac.jpg (236×669)

1bf857f1d893be399933b1b845ebedac.jpg (236×669)