Graffiti by SmogOne

Amazing graffiti street art by SmugOne. Amazing graffiti street art by SmugOne.

2010 Hackney, London | MERMAID by Crew000 (Penny & Daniel Lumbini fr Milan, Italy + artists from Hanoi, Viet Nam)

Penny and Daniel Lumbini: Out of the Blue, Hackney, London, street art mermaid in a can love it!

Fintan Magee in London

Fintan Magee, Cranio, Otto Schadde, David Walker …

Fintan Magee is an Australian street artist famous for his murals throughout Australia and the world, featuring a wide array of environmental topics.

Andrew Walker, 3D illusion at the Southside Shopping Centre in the south London district of Wandsworth.    “When creating the illusion inside the lift we considered some our most common fears including heights, darkness and claustrophobia that are also a core part of the new attraction,” said Alton Towers spokeswoman Katherine Duckworth. “The reactions of the public were fascinating and we can’t wait to see what happens when people come and experience the new attraction for the first time.”

Creative optical illusion at Southside shopping centre in London tricked people into thinking that the floor of the elevator has collapsed. When the doors opened, scared people were only a step.

Banksy & the fucking!!! oscar goes to Sir! BANKSY.

Street art by Banksy, Britain's notorious graffiti artist. No one knows who he really is, but his work is amazing.

Pochoirs et Animaux – Le street art par TUCO

Pochoirs et Animaux – Le street art par TUCO

Vined Veins

Street Art Hands in Kiev--Ukrainian artists Fox and Alexander Grebenyuk painted this graffiti work for the Gogol Fest Event.