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This is an amazing back piece (tat) by Den Yakovlev. View more of his work here:

15 Old School Photos of People Getting Inked - Hey, Man? Why So Serious? | Guff

15 Old School Photos of People Getting Inked

Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo

full Nightmare Before Christmas back piece - incredible. love love love nightmare before christmas tats


I love these girls! This picture is two of my favorite things. Marilyn Monroe and tattoos

26 Very Impressive Optical Illusion Tattoo Designs - Snappy Pixels

55 of the craziest and most amazing tattoo designs for men and women. pinned for the link not for the converse tattoo

Funny Tattoos | Funny Tattoos - 14/25 - Funs & Mix

Funny pictures about Not a real pen. Oh, and cool pics about Not a real pen. Also, Not a real pen.

Sarasota Massage - Mending Hands - Melissa Finley - SRQ 34239: How Massage Heals Sore Muscles

Diana Eastman anatomy back tattoo (Though I love the idea of an anatomical tattoo such as this, I am bothered by the fact there are things that are out of place. Accurate portrayal, but doesn't match with the body of the person)

with ・・・ 🇸🇪 "On the third day he rose again in accordance with the Scriptures". The resurrection of Jesus is the Christian religious belief that, after being put to death, Jesus rose again from the dead.

Coffin Shelf Cubby Shelf Display Case by LifeAfterDeathDesign www.lifeafterdeathdesign.etsy.com

COFFIN CUBBY Shelf, Coffin Shelf, Cubby Shelf, Display Case, Cross, Gothic, Gothic Furniture, Coffin Decor

This unique Coffin shaped display case is a spin-off of our original, Cubby…

The talented Andy Paiko a few years back  he was comissioned by D.L. & Co. to make an Absinithe Fountain. His current body of work is influenced by Cabinets of Curiosity!

Andy Paiko Glass: sculptural bell jars, reliquaries with natural objects, and other beautiful glassware