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The gigantic grin on her face when he says he's proud of her :)

She definitely appreciates him xxx

Don't piss Happy Quinn off haha it may be the last thing you ever do xxx

Toby's timing is on point S01E16 LOVE BOAT &S01E19 YOUNG HEARTS SPARK FIRE

One of these days Toby is going to stop getting kissus interruptus xxx

The Scorpion couples need to take Ray's advice

I was just getting used to that weirdo

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Scorpion cast

Yeah for season 2

WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE?? Ps. not mine, I found it on Tumblr.

WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE?? Ps. not mine, I found it on Tumblr.

2x19 Ticker and 2x24 Toby or not Toby

Ticker and Toby or not Toby

I've only watched a few episodes of this and they're already giving me feels

I 💜 how she freezes when he speaks like "don't you dare.you dared!

She's awesome

She is hilarious in this scene xxx


I love Paige & Toby's relationship :)

one of my favorite moments!! </scorpion>

one of my favorite moments!


Scorpion- Happy and Toby

In reality, Eddie was pushing for the romance and Jadyn wasn't crazy about it

Thank you Jaydn

*squeals* I love them so xxx

Happy and Toby #scorpion #quintis tumblr

Scorpion- Happy and Toby