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Zoro's Jealousy kills me sometimes xD

He is bettet than Sanji

Agora você percebe o quanto "beautiful" são os animes???? Torne-se um otaku e venha sorrir com a gente cara! Ou se você já é um vamos torcer para que nunca acabem!

Anime vs Cartoons (I do like some cartoons though


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one piece -monster trio -sanji, luffy, zoro

Straw Hat Pirates about to tear down the Franky House.

Hang in there just a little bit longer Usopp/Sanji,Luffy,Chopper,Zoro, Usopp/One piece

One Piece | Zoro, Luffy, Sanji

One Piece - Chibi Zoro Luffy Sanji

one piece - daddy

one piece - daddy Ninguém se parece com ninguém nessa Joça

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one piece -- aww

One piece trivia I laugh at how Zoro was part of the Buggy Family HAHAHAHA

One Piece Fun Facts!

One piece Travis facts about the show

Roronoa Zoro and Sanji One piece

Sanji, Luffy, & Zoro

One Piece, The monster trio

One series, 17 years, 76 volumes, 750+ chapters, best-selling manga series, 1,000+ characters, countless heart-breaking scenes, one talented man, Oda, text; One Piece

One Piece, History of Manga

This pic made me happy and sad at the same time ;-;

So much has happened to the Straw Hat Crew.

The Monster Trio - Zoro, Luffy, and Sanji

The trio of one piece (monster)