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A Google slideshow that with the reading strategy REAP (Read, Encode, Annotate, Ponder)

Analysis of textTitleParaphraseConnotationAttitudesShiftsTitleTheme

A strategy for close reading of texts.ToneWord ChoiceImageryStyle Theme

SIFT can be used as a close reading strategy

Reading Strategy for texts.Speaker, Occassion, Audience, Purpose, Subject, Tone, Evidence

The Common Core Reading Standards for Literacy require the explicit instruction in reading strategies across the content areas. The goal of these standards is to develop independent, strategic readers.

"20 CRITICAL READING. Vocabulary Awareness Chart. Scan the title, subtitles, captions, reading aids, and first and last paragraphs. Identify ten words that seem ..."

With the advent of the Common Core State Standards and high expectations with regard to content literacy, some secondary teachers are scrambling for what to ...

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